Hello. I’m Ash, and this is my One a Day* blog.

My friend Ian took part in One a Day last year (that was 2010, in case you’re reading this in the future and it’s the only human account of life prior to the invasion of our alien overlords), and I spent most of it thinking, “God, this is shit, I could do a lot better than these half-baked, unintelligible rantings.”** So here I am. Obviously, I’m only writing the ‘About’ page now, but you get the point.

I suspect a great deal of my posts will be about games or the gaming industry, but once I get used to the idea of ranting via blog post instead of at my girlfriend I imagine I’ll be writing about a variety of subjects ranging from the gaming industry to games in general. Though if you’re lucky you might get an entry about politics, or a picture of a dog doing something cute.

Either that, or come January 3rd I’ll think, “Fuck it, I’ll do it in 2012.”


* It’s not technically ‘One a Day’ anymore, but it sounds like I’m doing much more than I actually am, so I’m definitely going to keep calling it that.

** I didn’t think any of those things. Not about Ian’s blog anyway.

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